Did you purchase a home last year? Have you filled your Homestead Exemption?
By The Mendez Team April 21, 2020

Homestead Exemption

Did you purchase a home last year? Have you filled your Homestead Exemption?

What is a Residential Homestead Exemption?

In general, when a taxing authority approves a residential homestead exemption, the exemption removes part of your home’s value from taxation. This results in a reduction in the amount that you pay in property taxes.  Texas homestead law protects qualifying real property from forced sale by general creditors,  mechanic’s or construction liens that can be filed against your property for non payment.

How do I qualify?

If you owned and occupied your property as your principal residence on or before January 1st of this tax year, and no other residences are currently claimed, you may qualify for a residential homestead exemption.

Where do I apply?

Obtaining a residential homestead exemption begins with an application filed with the appraisal district in the county where your property is located.

There is a deadline!

The appraisal district requires applications for residential homestead exemptions to be filed from January 1st through April 30th in the year the exemption is intended. Be sure to ask the appraisal district about any other exemptions that you may be
entitled to receive. The residential homestead exemption application includes options for additional exemptions, as an example, you may apply for an over 65 exemption using this application.

What is needed to apply?

  1. A Homestead Application Form from your appraisal county district where the property is located
  2. A copy of your driver’s license or state ID card (The address on your driver’s license or state ID card must match the physical address of the residence for which you are applying) Texas Driver´s License Change of Address
  3. Contact your appraisal district for any other specific requirements.

Are you filing in Harris County?

Search your APP store for the HCAD APP. This is a simple and quick way to file your homestead.
For further assistance or specific questions regarding exemptions, the following is a list of appraisal districts for our local area where you can download a copy of the homestead exemption form in the county where your property is located.

Appraisal Districts

Harris County

Ft. Bend County

Galveston County

Brazoria County 

 Montgomery County

Waller County


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